Swooping Legends

Magpies Hockey Club Hall of Fame - the Swooping Legends introduced at the Magpies 50th celebration (2021) 

The status of Swooping Legend is awarded to a member (either playing or non-playing) who have made significant contributions to the Magpies Hockey Club, either on and/or off the field, over several years, since the establishment of the Club.

The following members have been inducted into the Swooping Legends:

Graeme Llewelyn (2021) Paul Rounsley (2021)
Lyndon Robertson (2021) Melanie Smithwick (2021)
Toni Smart (2021) Terry Meredith (2021)
Col McCauley (2021) Ken Browne (2021)
Renee Trost (2021) Ed Burkitt (2021)
Craig Pontt (2021) Amy Allen (2021)
Anthony 'Wiggles' Corby (2021) Cerina Meredith (2021)
Joanne Duffy (2022) Ben Kemp (2022)
Katy Smithwick (2022) Jason Pontt (2022)
Lynette Walker (2023) Ben Hawkins (2023)

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