Tool of the Year

Awarded to a senior member who has done something (funny or silly) that is not in line with ‘what it means to be a Magpie’ Nominations for this award are received from across the members. The interpretation of this criteria is open to the assessors. Recipient must be registered (and financial where also a player) with the Club

The following members have been past Tool of the Year recipients:

Jesse Donnnelly (2007) Ben Gawne (2008)
Dominic Harper (2009) Toni Smart (2010)
Toni Barr (2011) Eryn-Jean Duffy (2012)
Brandon McMillan (2013) Brenton Newnham (2014)
Toni Smart (2015) Anthony 'Wiggles' Corby (2016)
Lincoln Morrison (2017) Cameron and Ryley Walker (2018)
Nathan Sutherland (2019) Kurt Spinelli (2021)
Will Morrison (2022)  

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